Warwick Tregilgas

Warwick was called to the bar in 1987 and has developed an extensive family law practice, appearing for clients in both parenting and property matters, and is also briefed in Family Provision Act cases.

About Warwick

Warwick was a solicitor in Newcastle for a number of years before being called to the Bar in November 1987, and joined Newcastle Chambers in August 1990.

Warwick practised in a variety of areas and jurisdictions however over the last 15 years he has practised mainly in the Family Court/Federal Circuit Court, appearing for clients in all types of family law matters, both parenting and property cases as well as some ‘Family Provision Act’ cases in the Supreme Court of New South Wales. Types of matters he is regularly briefed for include:

  • Parenting – Live with/spend time with arrangements and parental responsibility, relocation including international relocation and Magellan cases
  • Property settlement including complex matters involving entities, companies, trusts, valuation issues, taxation and superannuation
  • Spousal maintenance
  • Child maintenance
  • Child support
  • De facto relationships
  • Conciliation conferences and mediations
  • Interlocutory applications
  • Appeals to the Full Court of the Family Court of Australia

Warwick was a District Court Arbitrator for a number of years hearing mainly personal injury cases in Sydney and for a period of time was a clinical lecturer in family law at the University of Newcastle.  He is also a member of the Family Law Committee of the New South Wales Bar Association.  He was an officer in the Australian Army Reserve, Infantry, for over 15 years.

Warwick has been involved in the following cases:

  • Griffis v Griffis (1991) 14 FamLR 781 (conflict of interest)
  • In the Marriage of Fahmi (1995) 19 FamLR 517 (effect of a finding of contravention of property orders on subsequent proceedings between the parties)
  • Anstis (1999) 26 FamLR 535 (restraint on travelling overseas)
  • Watkins v Watkins (2004) 31 FamLR 590 (re-opening an appeal following the hearing of the appeal and prior to determination of the issues raised in the appeal)
  • Hessenberger v Macaskill [2005] 33 FamLR 316 (Application for further evidence on appeal)
  • O’Hurley & O’Hurley [2008] FamCAFC 57 (Application to set aside orders pursuant to s79A)
  • Sheldon & Weir (No. 4) [2010] FamCA 1214 (Stay of orders pending an appeal)
  • Oxley & Oxley [2011] FamCA 1035 (Application for indemnity costs)
  • Card & Mathis [2012] FMCAFam 1007 (Application to commence property proceedings out of time)
  • Gammon & Lockwood [2015] FCCA 1300 (establishment of a de facto relationship)

Warwick has recently presented the following papers:

  • Conduct of Magellan Cases in 2015 for the NSW Bar Association; and
  • Preparing for Property Matters – How solicitors can help counsel and how counsel can help solicitors in 2014 for Hunter Valley Family Law Practitioners Association.


The Bar: 1987



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